Video surveillance you can trust to perform and scale as you need, within budget

Video surveillance in environments such as campuses, cities, casinos, airports, transit systems, and other high footfall areas needs to be reliable, high quality and immutably stored.

Some elements are non-negotiable:

  • Performance - the ability to capture thousands of data streams without dropped frames
  • Reliability - zero data loss, even due to disaster
  • Scalability - grow on demand as more cameras are added in the future
  • Affordability - a solution within budget

Our solutions deliver on all points across the most regulated industries, using proven technology from Pivot3, now a Quantum company.

Quantum (was Pivot3)


Safer Airports

Modernise your airport security, surveillance and IT operations, to help protect travellers and airport staff, safeguards entry points, and centralises workload and system management.

Safer Campuses

Implement IoT, video surveillance and analytics technologies to improve security for all types of schools, colleges, universities and their campuses.

Safer Casinos 

Monitor modern casino and gaming environments by optimising video surveillance, keeping IT operations well organised and efficiently supporting security and analytics workloads to reduce risk and improve returns.

Safer Cities

Deliver performance, resilience and simple scalability while integrating all IoT, analytics and physical security systems on a single platform to improve management and operational efficiency at scale.

Safer Transit

Protect commuters and staff, safeguards lines and platforms and improves security systems visibility while optimising video surveillance and improving overall IT operations.

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